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We listen to and understand your challenges - large and small scale. Providing solutions tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations is our utmost priority.

Our focus lies on innovative and sustainable IT solutions that help you work smarter, yield more profit and improve your customer experience.


Enterprise-ready applications

There’s always a smarter way to do business. Together, we can innovate, reinvent, re-strategize and restructure your business model and service delivery with one single goal- to help you thrive not just today but in decades to come.

We would like to travel with you as your IT partner for everything digital. As an extension of your IT arm, our goal is to reduce the cost of operations without compromising the quality of delivery. Our motto is to keep friendly relations and remain long-term partners to grow with our clients.


We upkeep our promises

We differentiate ourselves from other companies by incorporating the right technology solutions for the given problem using innovative, cutting-edge and efficient methods.You can count on our operating solutions to help you scale and gain the competitive edge needed to capitalize on emerging opportunities and to thrive in the face of unforeseen challenges. We enable new avenues of growth through our innovative and well architected solutions and are motivated through our customer satisfaction.


Teamwork To The Next Level

Intulogic Inc. provides a wide range of services to entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations globally. From OTT vendors to healthcare professionals, telecommunications companies to automotive industries and many more.

Platform Integrations

Browser based voice calls and call center integration, API based enhanced multi level search, API based SMS services

Infrastructure support

Cloud migration to AWS, Azure platforms ,Content Delivery network service integrations


Business process automation, Testing frameworks

Our Name

Intu + Logic

We believe in providing right intuitions for logical solutions and a quick turnaround on your digital transformations

Our Strengths

Trusted partnership

Quick turnaround on your digital transformations

Believe in customer success

Right intuitions for logical solutions

Dreams delivered

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